Thursday, November 1, 2012

The Big Field By Mike Lupica

A Review by Charlie

     The Big Field by Mike Lupica Is a book about  a boy named Hutch who is 14 years old and plays for the Boynton Beach Post 226, age 17 and under legion team. He is the star shortstop player. He is moved over to second base because of 14 year old star baseball player Darryl Williams. He and their team try to work their way out of the playoffs. Hutches dream is to go to Roger Dean Stadium but they have to get through the playoffs. It is hard for their team. This is realistic fiction book. It is a great book.
      I liked this book because it was about baseball and it was exiting. My favorite part is when they try to anticipate what the Braves next play will be and they end up winning 7-6. Mike Lupica is a great writer and he has written Travel Team, Miracle on 49th street and Summer Ball. I rate this Mr. Wuest 2 thumbs up. I recommend this book to people who like baseball and exciting books.

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