Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Cover-Up By John Feinstein

A Review By Nolan

Stevie Thomas is 14 and a good kid. He does everything like a normal kid except he’s on a TV show for sports. His partner is Susan Carrol, is smarter than Stevie and knows better than Stevie. When Steve has a meeting with his boss he gets fired right before he’s about to cover the super bowl.  They replace him with a rock star who doesn’t know anything about sports. He still gets to the super bowl, but he joins with CBS. While he’s there, Susan goes to a party and one  of the teams doctors gives away that some of the players are taking steroids and the team’s owner is covering it up. Steve and Susan have to find a way to bust them before super bowl Sunday.

I thought this book was good because it’s a great mystery and it’s also a great sports book. It was great how crazy things kept on coming one after another. My favorite part was the game because they started there back up and got down early and in the second half they brought in their starter and won the game. I give this book a 10 because it was a great mystery and I like sports. There are other books in the series I have not read them but I’ve heard their pretty good. I recommend this book to boys who like sports and mystery.

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