Thursday, November 1, 2012

Framed by Gordan Korman

A Review by Ben

Framed by Gordan Korman is a mystery novel. The story takes place in the front yard of a school where Griffin Bing (a.k.a: The Man with the Plan) and the rest of the seventh grade are doing push-ups. During the exercise he loses his retainer, and his mom isn’t too happy about that. The next day when he thought it couldn’t get any worse, the pride of the school (The super bowl ring won by a former student) is stolen and inside the display case is his retainer! Desperate to clear his name, Griffin searches for the true culprit only to make matters worse. Now it’s up to Griffin, and his team, both human and canine, to save him. The story not only teaches him to be responsible, but it also reminds him that his friends that are with him until the end.

I liked the book because it was both humorous and interesting, always keeping me on the edge of my seat, waiting for more. My favorite part of the book is when they found the ring because everyone is yelling and fighting over the million dollar object. Although this book did not win a prize, I feel it was well deserved. I would recommend this book to medium level readers with a pasion for mystery and humor. I admire Gordan’s work and I am eagerly waiting for his next book.

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