Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Among the Hidden By Margret Peterson


A Review By Reham

Among the Hidden is about a boy how named Luke who is a third child in his family.  A girl named Jen was a third child too. Jen and Luke where not supposed to be alive. They don’t want to have too many people in the city. They hid Jen and Luke when they chopped down the trees.  He could not play he had to hide. Luke had two brothers.   Jen had two brothers. Luke called them the sport family. Lukes mom was a house mom. Luke’s dad was a farmer. Lukes brothers where mean and made jokes on him. Luke has never had a friend. Luke lives in an attic and has to eat on the stairs. He lived in an old house with lots of trees around.
I like the book because it has sadness, lots of surprises and a little scare. My favorite part of the book is when Luke goes outside and meets Jen. The author likes action and mystery combined. I give Among the Hidden a 10/10 because it’s really good. The book is for fourth grade and up for boys and girls.  

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