Thursday, November 29, 2012

Swindle By Gordan Korman

A Review by Nik

Ben and Griffin are best friends.  They find something in this house schedule for destruction. It was an old Babe Ruth baseball card.  They sold it to a shop owner for one hundred dollars.  When the boys left, the owner called the TV news and said it is worth one million dollars. The boys formed a group to get the million dollar prize back. They came up with a plan of a life time. The plan was to get the card back. 
I liked this book because it was a really good book. My favorite part was when they tried to get the prize back. Sequels to this book are Zoo Break and Framed. I think Swindle should get a Newberry award. I rate it ten out of ten. I recommend it to people who like mysteries and action.

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