Thursday, November 29, 2012

The Lightning Thief by Rick Riordan

A Review by Oscar

Percy Jackson and the Olympians the lightning thief by Rick Riordan is a book filled with Greek mythology. This story takes place in New York. There is a high school dropout who has been in a lot of schools - one of his excuses was, I didn’t aim for the school bus.  He was expelled from all of the schools. His name is Percy Jackson and his best friend Grover follows him every where.  My favorite part is when he is training at camp half-blood, which is a special camp for people who are half god half mortal. He figures out he is Poseiden, God of the Seas, son. So he goes on a quest to find the  Zeus’s master bolt which was stolen. Percy and his friends Annabeth and Grover need to get it back by the summer solstice or else there is war. This high school dropout is good and funny the whole time.
I love this book because of the humor (the table of contents is my favorite page). It is filled with monsters, friends and funniness best of all is the twist at the end. Some things are so unexpected. He is my favorite author and I bet you will get hooked too. I give this book 5 out of 5. It is also the first in the series.  I recommend this book to anyone who needs or has a sense of humor and all action adventure lovers.

Swindle By Gordan Korman

A Review by Nik

Ben and Griffin are best friends.  They find something in this house schedule for destruction. It was an old Babe Ruth baseball card.  They sold it to a shop owner for one hundred dollars.  When the boys left, the owner called the TV news and said it is worth one million dollars. The boys formed a group to get the million dollar prize back. They came up with a plan of a life time. The plan was to get the card back. 
I liked this book because it was a really good book. My favorite part was when they tried to get the prize back. Sequels to this book are Zoo Break and Framed. I think Swindle should get a Newberry award. I rate it ten out of ten. I recommend it to people who like mysteries and action.

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

The Million Dollar Shot by Dan Gutman

A Review by Max

The author of the million dollar shot is Dan Gutman. This book is about a 12 year old boy whose names is Eddie Ball and he lives in a trailer park in New Jersey. He is not a confident kid who thinks he cannot make a chance-of-a-lifetime to make a free throw shot at a basketball game. I like this book because I like to read about sports and contests. My favorite part of this book is when Eddie doesn’t tell you if he makes it or not. I think Dan Gutman is a really detailed writer, and a funny writer too. I rate this book a 9 out of 10 because Dan doesn’t tell you most of Eddies feelings. I recommend this book to most basketball players and boys.

This book is about a kid whose name is Edie ball who has a chance of a life time to make a free throw at a basketball game. I like this book because Eddie wants to make the shot and he likes to practice and get better. I rate this book a 9 out of 10. My favorite part of this book is when Eddie doesn’t tell you if he makes the shot or not.    

Shadow Thieves by Anne Ursu

A Review by Grace

Shadow thief is an amazing book I have read it a bunch of times.  It is awesome! It gets you on the edge of your seat! I think anyone who likes fantasy and adventure will like this book. The main characters are Charlotte Meilswetski   and her cousin Zee. One day Charlotte was walking home and there was a pale man watching her.   Then, there was a black cat that kept following her.  So she takes the cat home. When she gets home, her overprotective mother is home looking at her in astonishment because she has a tattered looking cat in her arms.  A few hours later Zeke comes over because  so many people are getting very sick in England so his parents sent him to Minnesota. The story takes place in Mall of America, her house, and some other places in Minnesota. A few weeks later, the shadow thief comes after Zeke and since he has special blood the shadow thief takes over and it up to save the world. My favorite part of the book is when Zee gets kidnapped by the shadow thief.
This book is my favorite book I have ever read before. I think anyone who likes fantasy and adventure will like this book. I hope that you read this book.  If you like this one, you will want to read the to others called Siren Song and Immortal fire.          

Kira-Kira by Cynthia Kadohata

A Review by Emma

Kira-Kira is by Cynthia Kadohata. Kira-Kira is the Japanese word for glittery.  Katie’s (the main character) favorite word is Kira-Kira. This story takes place inside and outside. Her family is poor and needs to find a house. She has an older sister, Lynn, and a little brother, Sammy. Lynn has a very bad disease that might cause her to die. Sammy, who Katie thinks is perfect, has an accident and needs to be taken to a hospital. Her mom works all day and overtime if possible. Her dad works all day and all night. So when her parents are home they are always tired and cranky but Katie reminds them everything is still kira-Kira.

I think this book is great because it’s very detailed. It’s not too long and not too short.  When I read this book I felt like I was actually there when every event happened. There was also a lot of expecting events every so often. This book is one of my favorite books. It also won a Newbery Honor. My favorite part was when Katie and Lynn are lying in the middle of the street.

I would recommend this book to girls. It’s a very wonderful book.

The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins

A Review by Cole

The main characters are Peeta and Katniss.  Peeta’s dad is a baker so Peeta gets fed pretty well.  But katniss not so much.  The Hunger games are mostly about a boy and a girl from each district get picked to play, but people can have a volunteer that would play instead.  The arena is huge!  The Hunger games takes place in the future.  Most of the story takes place in district 12 there are 11 more districts.   District 13 blew up.
I liked the book because it is different and interesting.  My favorite part of the book is when Katniss finds Peeta.  This author is very creative I think.  The Hunger game is the 1st book of the series.  This is a 5 star book.  I recommend this book to good readers because it is kind of confusing at the beginning, and to people who like action and adventure - it also is kind of gloomy.

Monday, November 26, 2012

The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins

A Review by Anna

The Hunger Games is about this girl named Katniss who narrates the story. She lives in a country that is divided into 12 districts. Each year the capital (the ruling district) forces a boy and a girl from each district to fight to death and the last person to survive wins.  Katniss is very thoughtful but not always nice.  Her fellow tribute from her district isn’t the best fighter.  His name is Peata.  He is very nice but he is week when it comes to fighting.  When his name gets pulled Katness wasn’t very happy.  During the story Katness learns to like Peata.  This book is a series of three books.  Also read Catching fire and Mocking Jay.
I liked this book because there are a lot of mysteries to figure out.  My favorite part of the book is when Katness and Peata win.  You also have to read the 2 other books in the series, Catching Fire and Mocking Jay.  I give this book a 10 out of 10 it is one of the best books I’ve ever read.  I recommend this book to everybody, but, there is some violence in the book.

When You Reach Me by Rebecca Stead

A Review by Sarah

When You Reach Me by Rebecca Stead. Miranda is the main character. Miranda and her best friend Sal live in New York City. They know which way to walk home from school and places to avoid like the crazy man on the corner. But things start to get crazy. Sal gets punched and shuts Miranda out of his life. The key Miranda’s mom keeps hidden is stolen. Then mysterious note arrives: I am coming to save your friends life and my own first must write me a letter.
I liked this book because it was based on another novel. It’s moving. I had no best parts in the book.  I rate it a 10! Because it’s one of my favorite books. Reading this book I felt like I was there. I recommend it to anyone older than 2nd grade.

Zach's Lie By Roland Smilth

A Review by Ryan

Zach’s lie is about a boy whose name is Jack.  He has a mom a dad and a sister.  He also has an imaginary friend named commander IF.  He lives in Pennsylvania and his father was put in jail.  The company he works for doesn’t want him to know what they’re doing.  So they threatened his family.  The family was moved to a different sate.  They were protected by the state government until it was safe to live their normal lives.  Before they went, they changed their hair color, eye color and their name.
The reason why I chose to read this book is because I thought it would be interesting.  After I read this book I really liked it and I was eager to read the sequel. The best part about this book is that it’s hard to stop.  I really liked the ending and the sequel was pretty good too.  I would rate this book a 11/10.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Among the Hidden By Margret Peterson


A Review By Reham

Among the Hidden is about a boy how named Luke who is a third child in his family.  A girl named Jen was a third child too. Jen and Luke where not supposed to be alive. They don’t want to have too many people in the city. They hid Jen and Luke when they chopped down the trees.  He could not play he had to hide. Luke had two brothers.   Jen had two brothers. Luke called them the sport family. Lukes mom was a house mom. Luke’s dad was a farmer. Lukes brothers where mean and made jokes on him. Luke has never had a friend. Luke lives in an attic and has to eat on the stairs. He lived in an old house with lots of trees around.
I like the book because it has sadness, lots of surprises and a little scare. My favorite part of the book is when Luke goes outside and meets Jen. The author likes action and mystery combined. I give Among the Hidden a 10/10 because it’s really good. The book is for fourth grade and up for boys and girls.  

The Outsiders By S.E. Hinton

A Review by Patrick

The Outsiders by S.E. Hinton is a book about a fourteen year old boy named Ponyboy.  He is part of a gang called “The Greasers”.  Ponyboy lives with his older brothers.  Ponyboy likes watching movies and reading books.  They live in Tulsa, Oklahoma.  He is not a rough guy like his buddies.  His parents died in a car crash, so his oldest brother is in charge. Everything is going fine until someone takes things too far.

I liked The Outsiders because it had a very good plot and story.  I think all people would enjoy this book.  My favorite part of the book was the ending.  S.E. Hinton is my favorite author.  Some of her other books are Tex, Rumble fish, That Was Then This Is Now, and Taming The Star Runner. The Outsiders is my favorite book and I would give it a 10 out of 10.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Maze Runner by James Dashner

A Review By Owen

Maze Runner is by James Dashner.  Thomas is the main character, but there are about 50-60 rude boys.  They were sent to this mysterious place called Glade, but they don’t know anything but their name.  Some of them explore the maze where they think there is an exit.  The terrifying monsters called Greivers are like rabid animals guarding the maze.  Then Thomas figures something out, on the cliff in the maze the Greivers sometimes jump into a hole off the cliff.  Then the maze opens up so the Greivers can get them at all times.  The kids start hiding in the buildings at night horrified.  Then coming into Glade is a girl!
I really liked Maze Runner because it was very mysterious and surprising.  I would recommend this book to mainly boys who like mystery.  My favorite part was when Thomas had to jump into the Greiver hole.  He had to kill a Greiver and it squirted out gushy stuff.  When they get out I like that people drive them to the real world.  James Dashner has written a couple more books in the series, and I give it a 9 out of 10.    

American Chillers

A Review by Nick

Is about four girls and one boy. It takes place at the Mall of America, a part of the outside and inside. Their names are Mrs.Luchien, Rachel, Jessica, and Josh. Some people say that this is a boy book. It can be but it is not just a boy book but it can be a girl book because this on has mostly girls. How it started was Rachel and Jessica were on a school field trip to the Mall of America. They really wanted to go shopping. So during lunch they sneak out while nobody is looking. Later the Mannequins try to attack them and they have to take them down. I recommend this to boys, mostly. This book is a medium level book.
I liked the book because I was really excited about what was going to happen. My favorite part is when Rachel and Jessica hide in the shadows and then they push the mannequins down and they fall down the stairs. There are a series of books and when I mean series, I mean a lot of books!  I would give this book a eight out of ten because it really madet me excited. I really liked the book and I think you should read it.

Monday, November 12, 2012

13 Gifts By Wendy Mass

A Review by Mythili

13 Gifts by Wendy Mass is about a girl named Tara Brennan. Tara is a girl who does not have many friends. Her parents send her to the small town of Willow Falls for the summer to spend the summer with her aunt, uncle, and her cousin Emily. Some unfortunate events lead her to this mysteries store called Angelina’s Sweet Treats store. The owner, Angelina, gives Tara a list of items that she should bring back to Angelina on a certain day if she was to help Tara with her problem. Tara has to go around Willow Falls looking for each item on her list. She meets a lot of new people and makes new friends who help her find the things on the list. I thought this book was really good and a lot of surprises happen along the way.

My favorite part of the book is when they going around Willow Falls looking for the different items on the list. I liked this book because of the different surprises that happen along the way and the book is very exciting. The author, Wendy Mass, has written other books like Finally and 11 birthdays which are both very good. I would rate this book a 9.5 out of 10 because some parts can get a little boring but others are really exciting. I would recommend this book to girls in 4th,5th, and 6th grade.

Second Hand Lions by John Whitman

A Review by Matt N.

Secondhand Lions is a great book written by John Whitman. This story takes place in 1962 in Texas. Walter is a lazy, smart and a nerdy teenager who’s forced by his mother who’s a snotty, proper young woman to stay at his uncles’ house for the summer. Walter tries to talk to his uncles, Hub and Garth but he realizes that they are just plain crazy. Strange things happen when his uncle Garth finally talks to him. Walter finds a strange lion in the forest adjacent to the house. Walter’s summer is now in jeopardy, his mom instead of working she found a boyfriend who’s a FBI agent who accuses Hub and Garth of a bank robbery. Now Walter needs to pick one side: his mom’s or his uncles’.

My favorite part of this book is when the lion named Jasmine rescues Walter from the FBI agent. I really like this book because it’s funny but unusual. I would recommend this book for mostly boys. I’d give this book 10 out of 10 because it’s got funny events and powerful language. I really enjoyed this book and I hope you do too.     

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Dangerous Dolls of Delaware By Jonathan Rand

A Review by Jordan

This awesome book is written by Jonathan Rand. This book is about a 10 year old girl named Serena and her annoying older brother Michael. Digging in the “haunted” woods for worm bait she found two beat up dolls in a treasure box with a broken lock on it. But when she takes them out of the chest and brings them home, she thought there was something ominous, or off about the two plastic dummies. When she finds out they're not as nice as they seem, she knows it might be impossible to get the dolls back underground. This is a great book for people who want to be scared. My favorite part of the book is when the dolls do something totally unexpected.

This book is about a girl (Serena) and her brother (Michael) finding dolls underground and regretting bringing them home. The author (Jonathan Rand) Lives in Michigan and appears at Chiller Mania or in other words, his book festival. This is a great book for people who want to be scared, or don’t get scared easily. I enjoyed this book because this book because it had many unexpected twists. I give this book a 10 out of 10 because this book made me feel like I was right in the scene.

Wonder Struck By Brian Selznick

A Review by Jane

                Wonder Struck by Brian Selznick. There are two main characters in the book, Ben and Rose. Rose’s life is in pictures and Bens is in words. The story takes place in Minnesota but later on, the story takes place in New York. New York is a very gloomy place but loaded with people. They both need a question solved. Ben dreams of a father he hasn’t had for a while. Rose dreams of finding her mother. They both search different places, but in the same state. Ben gets clues from up and down streets. Rose goes to the theater that her mom works at. At the end of the story, they connect.
                I like this story because it kept me very interested. It was interesting because two stories were told at the same time. I liked trying to anticipate how the story would go based on the pictures. I also loved how much feeling the pictures have. The author made the story so great that it made me keep on reading for a very long time. I recommend this book to people who have read The Invention of Hugo Cabret so those people have an idea of what the story is like.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Cover-Up By John Feinstein

A Review By Nolan

Stevie Thomas is 14 and a good kid. He does everything like a normal kid except he’s on a TV show for sports. His partner is Susan Carrol, is smarter than Stevie and knows better than Stevie. When Steve has a meeting with his boss he gets fired right before he’s about to cover the super bowl.  They replace him with a rock star who doesn’t know anything about sports. He still gets to the super bowl, but he joins with CBS. While he’s there, Susan goes to a party and one  of the teams doctors gives away that some of the players are taking steroids and the team’s owner is covering it up. Steve and Susan have to find a way to bust them before super bowl Sunday.

I thought this book was good because it’s a great mystery and it’s also a great sports book. It was great how crazy things kept on coming one after another. My favorite part was the game because they started there back up and got down early and in the second half they brought in their starter and won the game. I give this book a 10 because it was a great mystery and I like sports. There are other books in the series I have not read them but I’ve heard their pretty good. I recommend this book to boys who like sports and mystery.

The Rivalry By John Feinstein

A Review By Ishan

The Rivalry by John Feinstein is a mystery that takes place at the Army-Navy football game. The main characters are Stevie and Susan Carol. It all at started after the refs at an Army-Nortre Dame game. The refs call cheap penalties every time Army scored. Because of their calls bad calls at that game Army tried to change them for the rivalry Army-Navy game. Stevie becomes suspicious in the middle of the 3rd quarter because the refs have called penalties on every scoring play. Later the same quarter Stevie and Susan Carol find out why the refs are keeping the game scoreless. The refs were taken out of the game and replaced with ones that didn’t give penalties on every score. At the end, the game goes to overtime and the players and the crowd are still happy.
                I like this story because it becomes more interesting every time you turn the page. This book didn’t win any medals but I give it a Mr. Wuest one thumb up. I would recommend this book to people who like football and people who like mysteries. I rate this book a 9. It was good but it took too long to get to the mystery part. John Feinstein also has another mystery about football and he also has mysteries about baseball and basketball. I really liked this book and I hope you do to.

Last Shot By John Feinstein

A Review by Eddie

The book is called Last Shot it is a great book filled with a lot of exciting parts in the book. If you like it, I agree with you. The author is John Feinstein. He is a great author and he is my favorite author. The main character is Stevie Thomas. Stevie is smart and doesn’t get into a lot of trouble. Stevie and his family don’t have a lot of money but he still keeps his hopes up. He likes to watch basketball games and he likes to write stories on the games.  The book gets more interesting near the end.
                The book is about Stevie who enters a writing contest and gets to go to go to the final four for college basketball in New Orleans. What he didn’t know was that there was another winner from the contest named Susan Carol. She has blond hair and is tall. She also is smarter than Stevie and knows how to get out of bad situations fast. Stevie likes MSU also known as Minnesota State University. Susan Carol likes Duke. Chip Graber is a player for MSU and his dad is the head coach of MSU. Chip gets black mailed and doesn’t know who it is but they think it might be someone who is from Duke but I don’t want to give it away.

Thursday, November 1, 2012

The Big Field By Mike Lupica

A Review by Charlie

     The Big Field by Mike Lupica Is a book about  a boy named Hutch who is 14 years old and plays for the Boynton Beach Post 226, age 17 and under legion team. He is the star shortstop player. He is moved over to second base because of 14 year old star baseball player Darryl Williams. He and their team try to work their way out of the playoffs. Hutches dream is to go to Roger Dean Stadium but they have to get through the playoffs. It is hard for their team. This is realistic fiction book. It is a great book.
      I liked this book because it was about baseball and it was exiting. My favorite part is when they try to anticipate what the Braves next play will be and they end up winning 7-6. Mike Lupica is a great writer and he has written Travel Team, Miracle on 49th street and Summer Ball. I rate this Mr. Wuest 2 thumbs up. I recommend this book to people who like baseball and exciting books.

Framed by Gordan Korman

A Review by Ben

Framed by Gordan Korman is a mystery novel. The story takes place in the front yard of a school where Griffin Bing (a.k.a: The Man with the Plan) and the rest of the seventh grade are doing push-ups. During the exercise he loses his retainer, and his mom isn’t too happy about that. The next day when he thought it couldn’t get any worse, the pride of the school (The super bowl ring won by a former student) is stolen and inside the display case is his retainer! Desperate to clear his name, Griffin searches for the true culprit only to make matters worse. Now it’s up to Griffin, and his team, both human and canine, to save him. The story not only teaches him to be responsible, but it also reminds him that his friends that are with him until the end.

I liked the book because it was both humorous and interesting, always keeping me on the edge of my seat, waiting for more. My favorite part of the book is when they found the ring because everyone is yelling and fighting over the million dollar object. Although this book did not win a prize, I feel it was well deserved. I would recommend this book to medium level readers with a pasion for mystery and humor. I admire Gordan’s work and I am eagerly waiting for his next book.

Storm Breaker by Anthony Horowitz

A Review by Arlina 

   Stormbreaker is by Anthony Horowitz. It’s about a boy named Alex Rider, and he is assigned to go on a dangerous mission. The police come over and tells him that his uncle got into a terrible accident. He lives in his uncle’s house in London, England, and he lives with a girl in her late twenties named Jackie Starbright. Alex meets a guy named Alan Blunt who is the head of his company. He comes face to face with Sayle, an evil villain. He tries to stop Sayle, with his cruel ruling of a nuclear bomb. Alex thinks that Sayle’s partner Yassen, has something to do about his uncle’s death. He meets people who he needs to use as resources. He faces a lot of missions that will need all of his strength. Alex becomes a courageous person like he rules the country in the end.

      I liked the Stormbreaker because it’s full of adventure, clues, mysteries, and it has cliff hangers at the end of each chapter which makes me want to keep on reading. My favorite part of the book is when he defeats all of the evil ruling. The author Anthony Horowitz has written many series, Stormbreaker is the first book of the Alex Rider series. I think this book should win the Newberry medal. My rating of the book is two Mr.Wuest thumbs up! I would recommend this book to strong 5th grade readers up to 7th grade.