Tuesday, November 13, 2012

American Chillers

A Review by Nick

Is about four girls and one boy. It takes place at the Mall of America, a part of the outside and inside. Their names are Mrs.Luchien, Rachel, Jessica, and Josh. Some people say that this is a boy book. It can be but it is not just a boy book but it can be a girl book because this on has mostly girls. How it started was Rachel and Jessica were on a school field trip to the Mall of America. They really wanted to go shopping. So during lunch they sneak out while nobody is looking. Later the Mannequins try to attack them and they have to take them down. I recommend this to boys, mostly. This book is a medium level book.
I liked the book because I was really excited about what was going to happen. My favorite part is when Rachel and Jessica hide in the shadows and then they push the mannequins down and they fall down the stairs. There are a series of books and when I mean series, I mean a lot of books!  I would give this book a eight out of ten because it really madet me excited. I really liked the book and I think you should read it.

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